gardener, flowers, plants, bio-dynamic farming

LOVE is in the EARTH !

I grew up to this song by John Paul Young ♥ love is in the air ♥ I love that song ♥ Once I even made an installation  for Valentine’s day by that name, and you could listen to the song while observing the artwork ♥ My astrological sign is Aquarius, it’s an Air sign. ♥

On the other hand I always was an earthy woman..not only earthy and also down to earth I must add. At least that’s what I’ve been told quite often ♥

Now that I look on my is strikingly clear that I had my connection to Earth for all these years..

sophisticated, stylish, elegant, jewelry, jewellery,ring
That’s the kinda of face and style you’ll get to see, in my jewelry career. When you work and design around precious stones you have to carry them in style ♥


First it started out with my jewelry background where I was so intrigued with gems, crystals, stones and their shapes, colors, sizes and metaphysical properties of the mineral kingdom.♥

cal-earth,trowel,plaster,emine turan
Working on a plaster job while doing my apprenticehip at Cal-Earth İnstitute for Earthen Architecture .Proud to say that the finish is as smooth as my skin:)


Then I was intrigued by Earthen Architecture and buildings, permaculture and sustainability. So I learned how to make Adobe houses. Using more and more earth and natural resources, that in fact promote a healthier mind and body and our connection to Mother Earth, Gaia. You can actually find more about these adventures of mine on my blog site on Tumblr, it’s called         “Emine’s Earth” ♥

gardener, flowers, plants, bio-dynamic farming
It feeds my soul spending time in the nature and around flowers and plants.


Last but not the least I am interested in gardening and biodynamic farming. My hands are in the soil. I volunteer my time at a bio-dynamic farm in one of the Malibu Canyons and I am in Heaven on Earth. ♥

And I just came across this precious book on gems and crystals and the title goes ♥   LOVE is in the EARTH  ♥

And so it is. ♥






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